Mataking Reef Ball Project

The Reef Dive Resort is an eco friendly dive resort and from the very beginning the management of the resort has placed a great emphasis and care on the environment and surrounding sea.

As such, the resort does not extract any water from the underground in order not to disturb the eco system of the island and fresh water has to be transported from the mainland to the island for daily consumption. Broken corals are collected and put to use by placing them around the plants for better trapping of water for the survival of these island flora. Reef Ball Project In the past prior to our presence, some fish bombings have taken place at various parts of the reef thereby causing damage to the coral lives and also threatening the lives of some marine fishes and animals. Therefore we have organized for the experts from ‘The Reef Ball Asia’ from Kuala Lumpur to assist and teach our staff on the construction of reef ball to be placed at various sites to rebuild coral lives and to provide artificial homes to the underwater fishes.

The Reef Dive Resort also offers eco tourist to learn and participate the reef ball project during the stay in the resort.

The Reef Balls – Building Process

Since the project started from 9 August 2003, we have constructed a total of 220 reef balls and an estimate of 100 reef balls has been deployed surrounding mataking island. Coral planted includes Tubastraea Micrantha (Dark Green Tube), Knotted Fan Coral, Sea Fan (Red Gorgonian), pocillopora Verrucosa (Staghorn Coral), Seriatopora Hystrix (Staghorn Coral).