“The best place in the world”

I have heard a lot of nice reviews about this place, but whatever i met there exceeded all possible expectations. I have never seen such kind of hospitality. We were treated as the most welcome visitors. It is really shocking when ALL staff ( not only receptionists) came to the jetty just to greet your arrival. Villa was more than outstanding (I don’t know about deluxe rooms). I have no enough words to express my gratitude. I would say this is the best place in the world. Here we have seen miyads of sea turtles, few stingrays, many barracudas, jack fishes, bumbheaded parrotfishes etc, etc, etc.

Management of hotel provides a lot of different activities. If you are lucky you may find a turtle nest on the wild beach, then shift all the eggs to the hatchery to protect it from birds. At peak season ( June- July) you may take part in bringing newborn turtles from hatchery to the sea. You may take cooking classes, handicraft classes, snorkeling trip with marine biologist etc, etc, etc. We had a Sipadan Island trip, which was provided by hotel at the top level, giving us opportunity to swim in the center of big fish school, with sharks and turtles swifting here and there. Unforgettable !!!!!!!!!!!

Food was very good.

Be careful when swim from big to small Mataking during high tide – current is so strong, that it won’t let you to swim back to big island.

New Delhi, India, 14 April 2013