Turtle Hatchery

At the resort we are very proud to state that we are the only island in the Sabah area who employ a full-time marine Biology and Eco-team. Spearheaded by our Head Marine Biologist we are at the forefront of cutting-edge technoiogy in both turtle hatchery management and tagging systems.

Each year, the team manage between 50-80 nests, comprising of both Green turtles and the critically endangered Hawkesbill turtle.

Depending on the season, guests to the resort can regularly witness Turtles coming to lay their eggs on our distant shores, and when the time is right (depending on the season) watch baby turtles being released back into the sea from our hatchery for the first time!

You also get the chance to be a Mummy and Daddy to our new babies here with our unique “adopt a nest” scheme, where all funds generated from the scheme are used to improve the programme.

The Go-Green culture at the resort can be seen everywhere here both in and out of the water!