Reef Day 2012 at The Reef Dive Resort set for Saturday, June 2th


The Reef Dive Resort Mataking will host their annual Reef Day on Saturday June 4th, 2012, in keeping with our tradition of community events focused on creating environmental awareness.

Each and every June, Mataking Island joins with local schools, community leaders, local NGO’s and military police divisions to raise consciousness of the conditions of Sabah’s aquatic realm, and how to improve conservation efforts in the general region.

18_2 In 2011, communities from both Kalapuan and Sibuan islands were involved in clean-up efforts both above and below the water, as well as a WWF-sponsored workshop which was aimed at educating citizens about the behaviours of nesting turtle populations on those islands, and how to preserve their natural habitat.

A record-breaking 650KG of debris (both natural and man-made) was collected from four local islands, instilling a sense of pride and responsibility for their locale and creating positive communal relationships with one another—and having a great time in the process!

Activities planned for 2012 include underwater clean-ups, a “treasure-rubbish” hunt on Mataking Kecil, participation with local the island populations of Kalapuan and Pandanan, and basic environmental seminars on understanding our local marine ecosystem.

For further details, or to participate in Reef Day 2012 at Mataking Island, please contact our sales team at